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Ni ada kumpulan “Quotes” tentang fotografi dari para pecinta potret, cuma banyak yang ga ketauan dari sapa. Yang penting quotes ini bisa jadi tips dan memotivasi kita dalam berfotografi….

Are U ready? Wokey…read this carefully:

1. The best equipment you have are your eyes, heart, and mind. (A pro Photographer with his/ her less than US$ 200 pocket Camera can beat any Beginners with more than US$ 2000 equipment easily in making quality Photograph.)

2. For Landscape, The best Zoom lens available in this planet up to now is your regular cheap fix wide angle lens (16mm, 18 mm, 20mm, 24mm) and your foot to walk closer or further from your subject.

3. Trying to make good or excellent photograph is not enough. You have to aim to make a monumental photograph with your every shot.

4. Landscaper needs at least 5 legs. Three of them are your tripod‘s.

5. Look, feel, close your eyes, create imaginaton, open your eyes….then shoot!!!

6. You are a painter behind the viewfinder. Think like one, see like one, create like one.

7. Don’t see landscape picture too much. Instead look for more landscape painting from legendary painter.

8. Skip any Landscape technic Photography class offered to you. Instead, take a serious class in painting about color, perspective, and composition.

9. Only take your pocket camera when hunting with your fellow from local photo club. Take as much picture as you can in the location. Don’t let their “show off” talk about equipment bother you. Go home. Examine your shot carefully and look for details. Make imagination. Choose an angle. Then Return to the place the next day when the light is right and shot your monumental picture.

10. The ability of the artist to breathe “life” into their art is the essence part of extraordinary artwork.

11. If you plan to edit every picture you took heavily with software. Just sell your camera and buy a good computer system and a pocket digital camera.

12. The more often you bring bad photo to photoshop, the more chance you have to become a really bad Photographer.

13. Get rid all your bad picture, bad poster you see, bad landscape magazine picture you read. The more often you see good composition landscape picture, the better chance you will have to become a good landscape photographer.

14. Patience is the key. Only take your shot at the highest point of your emotional curve. Ansel Adams would wait the whole season or year just to take one frame which closely describe his imagination. If he missed the moment, he would prefer to wait another year rather than taking bad picture.

15. Landscape photography is the supreme test of the photographer – and often the supreme disappointment. (Ansel Adams)

16. You are only as good as your last photograph. (Moose Peterson)

17. If you still don’t understand…… read this page again and again! (iw_ anakkamera)

Haha…kalo yang terakir tu cuma buat nambah2 aja…

Moga2 kumpulan quote ini bisa memotivasi kita buat lebih bijak ngejepret something (wah bahasane dadi campuran)

Yo wis lah, semoga bermanfaat

Salam Jepret!!!

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